Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf that can dramatically improve your score when practiced and perfected. As you search through golf clubs and golf gear, it is crucial to focus on choosing the right putter to round out your selection of clubs. A properly weighted and designed putter can make all the difference for precision golfing. Whether you are a veteran golfer or are just learning the craft of the game, choosing the right clubs with the putter grips to fit your personal grip, alignment, and stance can completely revolutionize the way you golf.

In this article, we discuss the 5 best putter grips on the market to analyze their unique features and highlight how you can use premium putter grips to improve your game. As we move through this article, we give background information on the evolution of putter grips, the ways they can impact your game, and finally we spotlight 5 of the best putter grip options available. We aim to provide you with thorough and insightful information that will help you take your golf game to a new level. Let's get started by learning more about putter grips.

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Putter grips are a recent technological addition to golf that are great for a variety of uses, especially for precision golfers who obsess over refining their game by inches or even centimeters. Putters are a key tool for your golf game, and knowing how to choose the right putter grips will refine your playing techniques to boost your overall performance.

Putter grips are a trend that has picked up in popularity over the past five years. Putter grips are moving towards thicker grips to reduce tension and align the golfer for an accurate pendulum swing. With the goal of golf being to reach the hole in as few strokes as possible, a putter grip is a great addition to your golf gear because they help your wrists and protect them while aligning you for a stronger stroke.







Finding the perfect putter grip for your style of putting can greatly impact the comfort of your putts and overall stroke performance. Using a putter grip makes your wrists relaxed and less active, allowing your shoulders to level out. Your fingers will not wrap fully around a thick putter grip so you can naturally relax your hands to better engage arm muscles. The face angle made with your club is less manipulated giving you more accurate alignment and better putts.

Since the key to precision putting is keeping your wrists steady and relaxed, adding a thicker putter grip to your club will make it much easier to trust your stroke trajectory with less tension in your hands.




Having explained what a putter grip is and how you can improve your game with it, we can now recommend the 5 best putter grips on the market.

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The SuperStroke is a brand that offers a variety of thicknesses so you can easily customize your putters for improved performance.

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The P2 putter grip is unique and offers players an ultra-comfortable design with ergonomics that properly align your forearms for less wrist tension.

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The Flat Cat is a renowned putting grip that offers a unique shape and aesthetic.

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The Rosemark grip offers golfers a tension-free design with a patented hexagonal shape that naturally fits the shape of your hands. This grip comes with a special texturing which inspires players to use less hand strength when gripping the putter.


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The last putter grip on our list is the Forward putting grip which has a unique design that features extra padding on the shaft of your putter to encourage an ideal and comfortable putting stance.


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Shopping for new golf gear can intimidate players as there are so many brands and unique designs available. Putting grips are a special tool that can enhance your golf game by reducing the amount of stokes you need to take on the green to have a successful putt. Putting requires relaxed hands and wrists, but most players are over-gripping and causing tension in their lower arms rather than using their strong, upper arm muscles to perform an accurate putt.  Golf is a game of physics and requires the player to have proper alignment so they can swing with power, grace, and accuracy. Putting grips are just one of the technological revolutions in golf gear that can help you excel in refining your errors on the golf course. Using a putter grip is easy and teaches you a more precise stance with minimal practice. With this list of the 5 best putting grips, we hope that you find several options to try for yourself so you can study how putter grips can benefit your golf game.  

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